Your Dog’s Had An Accident: What Do You Do?

Accidents, contusions, injuries and fractures can all happen. Walks and park visits are all fun and games, but are also situations in which your dog runs the risk of getting hurt.

In the case that something happens, what you do while waiting for assistance or before you can get to the vet can mean the difference between the life and death of your dog. Knowing how to act during an emergency is essential.

We’ll go over some first aid for our furry friends so that you can give your dog the best chance possible at life.

First off, we’ll talk about getting hit by a car. If your dog has been hit by a car, you should turn it onto its right side and cover it with a blanket. If the dog is unconscious, you should gently place its neck in a straight position so as to allow airflow. Open its mouth, carefully remove the tongue and make sure there is nothing impeding airflow.

Make sure that your dog is breathing, by watching its chest movements. If you need to look for a pulse, try feeling the inner part of its back paws. It should be beating between 100 and 160 times per minute. Count the number of beats in 15 seconds, and then multiply by 4.

When it comes time to get the dog to the vet, try and make it as comfortable as possible. Carefully move your pet, and place it on a blanket in the car seat – not on the ground.

Hopefully, your dog will be fine, and just need a minor cast or knee brace for pets or some similar treatment. The vet will let you know.

knee brace for pets

In the case that your dog is hemorrhaging, you should take care of that immediately. Make a compress out of any material except cotton. It should be damp. Press it onto the wound until the bleeding has stopped, and once the bleeding is done, carefully cut the hair around the wound so that it stays clean and heals better, then head to the vet.

Fractures or sprains need to be helped immediately as well. Be gentle, trying to avoid any unnecessary movement of the dog. If you know a little about first aid, you can immobilize the area using what is on hand, or a knee brace for pets or some other brace if you have it on hand and it is appropriate. Otherwise, don’t try and move anything, as you could make it worse. Take it to the vet immediately.

If your dog was drowning, first, lift it up by its back end to help the water drain out of its lungs. If it is not breathing, you can try to revive it by pressing rhythmically on both sides of its thorax. If that isn’t enough, you can close its mouth with one hand, then with the other hand in a tube shape and breathe into the nostrils of the dog.