Rules of Engagement When Playing Madden Mobile

John Madden is a football legend and has one of the best gaming franchises out there, just about every person born in the late 80’s will remember playing John Madden Football on the old 8 and 16 but gaming consoles. Thanks to smartphones and broadband Internet connections, football enthusiasts can not enjoy playing Madden football via their smartphone by signing up for Madden Mobile. As the name implies you are able to play it while being mobile. While the gaming experience is not comparable to what you would get on a modern home gaming console, it is definitely a lot of fun to play with family and friends.

The good news is the game is free to sign up for and play, however, you will need to purchase madden mobile coins to unlock certain features inside the game. This is a common model being used by all the major game developers. By making the game free to the masses via a “freemium model” it helps increase awareness of how much fun the Madden franchise is and a new generation of people can fall in love with the game of football.

Costs Linked to Accessing Coins for Madden Mobile

The costs for the madden mobile coins varies depending on the promotion that is currently available. Generally you are able to get a bigger discount when you purchase the coins in large quantities so you should seriously think about take advantage of those discounts.

Another option that is available is to take advantage of the various hacks that are available that will give you access to free coins, there are numerous hacks available so it would be in your best interests to find the one you prefer the most.

Making the Most of Your Gameplay

madden mobile coins

Since the game is mobile in nature, you will need to follow these suggestions to gain the upper hand against your competitors. Start by connecting to the Wi-Fi where you are instead of relying on your mobile data. These games can be data intensive so even if you have an unlimited data plan on your smartphone, you should connect to the Wi-Fi which is usually much faster than your connection to the cell tower. If you are connected to Wi-Fi and the person you are playing head to head against is connected to their mobile data, you will have a slight advantage because your connection speeds.

·    Always run before passing, the game gives you more fans when you start your drive by running instead of throwing, you should hold off throwing until you are in a situation where you are 4th and 10 or higher. Exploiting this feature in the game will give you an edge when trying to gain more fans.

·    Focus on defense, when you have tight defense you will be able to attract more fans and by having strong defence, it will create more scoring opportunities by sacking the quarterback and forcing fumbles on the offense.

If you stick with the rules of engagement we covered, you should be able to have a far more enjoyable gaming experience.