Find Effective Addiction Treatment Free of Charge

It is estimated that one in four people will develop mental illness of some sort in their lives. This is a daunting and high number. It means that this issue is rampant all across the world. One condition often not considered to be a mental illness is addiction. In fact, it is one of the worst mental conditions you or a loved one could possibly find. It is right up there with serious mood disorders, borderline personality disorders, and schizophrenia. Effective treatment is essential.

addiction treatment free

The reason that professional treatment is needed in most cases is that addicts have a hard time getting clean. They may have developed serious nutrient dependencies and this will cause serious physical and mental problems. Consider the fact that alcoholism is one of the most vicious addictions. Alcoholic addiction result in starvation, as the alcoholic uses booze as an alternative to food. This issue will complicate liver problems and mental health significantly.

When this issue or other addictions are extant and insurance is not covering the treatment, one needs to seek other options such as addiction treatment free of charge. This may sound impossible at first and it may also seem to be a hopeless situation. Plenty of good programs are out there and they are free. There are a number of options one can use to get off the dope and booze once and for all. This needs to be done professionally since nutrient deficiencies have probably caused serious problems.

Doctors will help identify the core problem of the addiction and also if it is worsened by another mental disorder. When other mental problems are present with the substance abuse, this is called dual diagnosis. Special care is required particularly in these situations because both issues need to be handled at the same time. Often, mental disorders can cause addiction problems as patients tend to self-medicate. Unless the addict happens to be a doctor, there is no way of knowing how to properly address the addiction problem.

Find treatment that is low cost and preferably free. There are State funded programs available in most major cities throughout the United States. You will have to find some of these online and contact them. The main problem with this is that beds and rooms may not be available and State resources only go so far. There is a cap on what these treatment programs can spend on treatment for you or loved ones. In that case, you will do well to explore other options. Faith based programs are available and paid for by people in the religious community and larger donations from various sources.

No matter which one you choose, you want to be sure that the treatment will be long enough to be effective. In most cases, a treatment period of 90 days is a standard, but not all of the free treatment centers can provide this amount of time. If longer treatment is needed, you can also ask local treatment centers if they have scholarship programs for their treatment. You can often get affordable or free treatment if you look around.